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Lab Created vs. Natural Diamonds - The Jewelers View

Posted by Rick Beckett via The Jewelers View on

Synthetic lab created diamonds are the latest trend in new ways to expand the diamond market. The method for commercially selling a synthetic diamond has often been to demonize natural diamonds. To shame the consumer with lies, and to morally question their purchase. I just saw a synthetic diamond advertisement that asked how someone could possibly wear a diamond that could be a “blood diamond.” They cited their facts from a website that sold synthetic diamonds (and natural diamonds from Africa).

Chemist at work wearing protective glasses and gloves

Here are the facts about synthetics:

If you really care about the people in Africa, you should buy a natural diamond (make sure that you can trace it to the source for extra precaution). Countries like Botswana and Namibia are mining diamonds ethically, and their economies depend on diamond sales. They have good careers for women, excellent schools, medicine, etc., and much of this is due to large diamond mines carrying the economy in those countries.

The alternative is to buy a synthetic diamond, and line the pockets of investors in the USA who put up the capital to make those diamond factories. I can’t figure out how buying a synthetic diamond is morally better.

Lastly, synthetics will dramatically lose their value over time. It’s not like synthetics are new. We can look at the history of synthetic rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. The have gone way down in price over time (due to increased production), and they hold very little value.

People want real gemstones. My advice is to buy a natural diamond over a synthetic, and trace it to the source for extra care.

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