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Cut is the King - The Jewelers View

Posted by Rick Beckett via The Jewelers View on

Why do we buy a diamond? Besides the fact that there are many years of romantic tradition, it is the SPARKLE that truly captivates us. A beautiful diamond will sparkle in low-light settings, it will sparkle in the sunlight, it will sparkle in the rain, it will sparkle when you are gardening and covered in dirt. I like to see how diamonds sparkle when they even have soap scum on the pavilion. That is the true test of a good diamond. But not all diamonds will do that. There is one “C” that will help you achieve maximum sparkle (and value). It is the cut!

Cut is the king of all the 4c’s, and you would be wise to put a lot of energy into the cut of the diamond vs. all of the other “C’s”.

A diamond is so dense that it will break light into its individual spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet). Each of these colors travels at a different speed. This allows you to see flashes of purple, blue, and yellow, etc. The better your diamond is cut, the more colors and brilliance (white light) you will see. Light enters through the top of the diamond, and based on how well your diamond is cut, it should bounce off the the bottom and back out the top (see the photo below).

light-return Photo Credit :American Gem Society.

Why am I such a snob when it comes to the cut? Many diamonds are cut to achieve the maximum carat weight. People only focus on how BIG the diamond is. The cutter will make the diamond too deep or too shallow, and that causes light leakage. The light then enters through the top of the diamond, and leaks out the bottom. THERE IS NO SPARKLE! See the difference between A and B in the image below.

light-leakageGet a well cut diamond, and enjoy the amazing sparkle for the rest of your life. I would recommend an AGS Ideal cut (not to be confused with Blue Nile or anyone else that uses the term “ideal”). The AGS created the grade “Ideal,” and Blue Nile misuses the term. I would also recommend a Triple Excellent GIA diamond (although you need to be careful and see it first in person). Forevermark Black Label diamonds are my personal favorite, because they are priced so well for the quality of cutting that you receive. Hearts on Fire diamonds are finely cut too.

See them all for yourself, and make sure that you become a true Cut Snob. Sparkle and brilliance are the gifts that keep on giving!


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