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Posted by Rick Beckett via The Jewelers View On Oct 22nd 2016 In AGS, Engagement Ring, Gemologist, Ring, Skeie's Jewelers, Wedding Ring

It can be a daunting process. Thumbing through magazines, and countless hours on Pinterest can make your head start to spin. You’ve finally picked out the perfect style, and you’ve fallen in love with your dream ring… and then the madness begins.

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You stop by store after store, and hear the same sales pitch over and over. Each ring starts to blend together, and you can’t remember which one you liked, and suddenly the room gets smaller, and you feel overwhelmed. You need to RUN AWAY!!!

OK, cool off and let me give you some simple ring buying tips.

Here are a few things to think about when shopping for engagement rings (not including center diamonds):

  1. Make sure your shopping experience is tailored to your needs, and not what THE STORE wants to sell you. Run away if they try to push styles on you, instead asking what you like. Bring in your pictures too.
  2. Don’t get fooled by big sales. Most of the time the “sale” ring is artificially marked up in order to mark it down. You aren’t necessarily getting a deal, and it’s not the most ethical approach to sales.
  3. Ask about the metal in the ring. Is it 14k or 18k? What is the alloy? Is it nickle or palladium? I prefer to stay away from nickle alloys, because the rings turn yellow over time, and people also have allergies to nickle.
  4. What is the quality of the ring like? Are they mass-produced in China? Too many rings are falling apart shortly after they are purchased. Even if you have a warranty, you don’t want to be without your ring 5 times every year. If you buy good quality jewelry, it will last you a lifetime!
  5. Ask about the diamond quality. They should be colorless to near colorless, with no visible inclusions.

A good quality jewelry store should be able to walk you through these questions, and help you purchase the perfect engagement ring. If they can’t give you good answers to these 5 questions, then you need to move along!