The Oval Diamond

The Oval Diamond

What's not to love about the OVAL CUT?

A. Jaffe Quilted Collection

Here are three reasons we think you should consider getting an oval diamond:

The oval cut makes any finger look great. We have noticed that this cut is very flattering on all types of fingers, and instantly looks like a perfect pairing.

New oval cuts have more sparkle. We don't see as many dark spots called "bow-ties" where the light is leaking out of the bottom of the diamond. This used to be the main reason we would shy away from this shape. The Forevermark Black Label cut makes an oval cut with hearts and arrows. This is a first!

The oval cut won't go out of style. There is a timeless appeal to this shape. It combines the brilliance of a round cut with the very unique oval shape. This diamond won't let you down!