The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection pays tribute to what makes her the incredible woman she is. The multiple diamonds represent her unique qualities – her independence, her tenderness, her determination, her passion – her individual style, and the depth of her personality.

Featuring multiple Forevermark diamonds in different shapes and various precious gold metals within an assortment of stackable rings, pendants, and drop earrings, the collection is the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself to celebrate a milestone, memorable occasion, or just because.

The Forevermark Tribute™ CollectionEach piece in the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection features beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced Forevermark. Forevermark goes beyond the standard 4Cs to individually select only those diamonds of the utmost quality and beauty.

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A Diamond is Forever

Skeie's is proud to carry Forevermark, a diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies, which has a history of diamond expertise spanning more than 125 years. Every Forevermark diamond comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. This promise is symbolized by the unique inscription at its heart.


Visit our store and experience our Forevermark Diamond Room, the first of its kind in the entire world. Learn about Forevermark diamonds with our interactive educational videos, view sparkling diamonds and their unique inscriptions with the assistance of our trained professionals, take a selfie showing off your gorgeous new engagement ring, and enjoy complimentary refreshments from our mini-bar. 

Enjoy a personalized experience with our trained associatesSee our Forevermark Diamonds up close in person under optimal lightingChoose a ring as unique as you, set with a beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced Forevermark Diamond center


Forevermark diamonds are hand-selected for their beauty and rarity, and each is genuine, untreated and natural. As part of the De Beers Group of Companies, Forevermark benefits from over 125 years of diamond expertise. Experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute carefully inspect every diamond, going beyond the technical qualities of the 4Cs to hand-pick only those diamonds that are truly beautiful.

 Of all the world’s diamonds, less than one percent is eligible to become Forevermark.

Forevermark diamonds are hand-selected for their beauty and rarity     


The Forevermark promise means not only that each Forevermark diamond is beautiful and rare but also that it has been responsibly sourced. The Forevermark responsible sourcing standards apply throughout the entire journey of a Forevermark diamond, ensuring that each Forevermark diamond can be given or worn with pride.

Forevermark is proud to lead the industry with regard to responsible sourcing. 

Diamond rough is sorted and then thoroughly examined according to Forevermark standards

Forevermark has established various business, social and environmental benchmarks that must be achieved by all of our mining sources. These are assessed firstly via the country of origin, followed by the individual diamond mining company. Forevermark selects eligible countries based on a number of variables, including Kimberley Process membership, a positive and proven human rights record, a stable and acceptable political climate, and a stable and acceptable socio-economic situation.

Forevermark diamonds come from mines in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Australia and Canada
Once a country has been determined eligible, Forevermark then examines the individual diamond mining company. The company must meet a number of specific criteria such as, for example, listing on a reputable stock exchange. Forevermark also assesses the actual operations of each mining company, examining the key areas of company management and employee welfare in terms of safety and security, as well as benefits such as training and education.
It is an important element of the Forevermark promise that our diamonds are sourced from mines that not only comply with our strict political, financial, social and environmental requirements, but also actually benefit the communities in which they are operating. To assess this, Forevermark analyzes the impact on the local area, investigating areas such as health, education and training, investment in the local community infrastructure, and best practices regarding the local environment and ecology.
Forevermark diamonds come from mines in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Australia and Canada.


Every Forevermark diamond receives an inscription that represents our promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. This means you can be proud to own and wear your Forevermark diamond forever.

Invisible to the naked eye, this inscription includes the Forevermark icon and a unique number, making each Forevermark diamond as special as the promise made when it is given or received. The inscription also allows each Forevermark diamond to be registered in your name, confirming it as uniquely yours.

The unique inscription

 To register your Forevermark please visit:

"The Ever Us" is a new 18 karat gold ring featuring two round brilliant Forevermark diamonds in the center and small diamonds lining the shoulder. This ring is highly customizable with a choice of white, yellow, or rose gold, with or without side stones,...
An 18 karat gold pendant by Jade Trau containing a total weight of 0.53ct in round-brilliant diamonds, including a 0.14ct Forevermark diamond. Available in yellow, white and rose gold. Vendor Style# FM4013N-YG (yellow); FM4013N-WG (white).