Skeie’s Jewelers is a local store with one location which has been family owned and operated since 1922.  We pride ourselves on our passion for jewelry.  We are an American Gem Society member and we have certified gemologists, an appraiser, a watchmaker, and four bench jewelers who are ready to serve you every day.

Rick Skeie and Rick Beckett, Owners

The Skeie’s difference is the attention to quality and value.  We hand select every piece of jewelry we sell because we care about the durability just as much as we care about the beauty.  We tailor every purchase to your style and your budget. We’ll never sell you a warranty, because we guarantee everything we sell.

Engagement Ring

Unlike large chain stores, we can pay more attention to fashions and trends (see our brands).  We offer everything from small collections of the latest styles to the age-old tradition of a classic diamond ring (see our engagement rings).

Designer Jewelry by Roberto Coin

Everyone is welcome at Skeie’s Jewelers.  Our only rule is that you have fun.  Stop by for a beverage, and explore our collections of fine jewelry from all over the world.  Take a trip to Brazil and see our emeralds, or to Thailand for rubies, Japan for pearls, Italy for gold, and return home with a handcrafted piece as unique as you.  

Skeie’s Jewelers - Eugene Fine Jewelry Store.